Healthcare consultant and Orthopaedic surgeon actively involved in teaching surgical skills and digital transformation.


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Connections that cure

Fragmentation of our healthcare system due to a lack of collaboration between parties involved in healthcare provision has led to inefficiencies in our systems, policies and management. I believe that a patient-centred platform is the solution for sustainable healthcare in the future.

By facilitating communication between involved parties and passing my expertise on to orthopaedic surgeons we can resolve many of the current barriers to efficient healthcare provision to our patients. My experience has shown me that to give the best advice or find the right solution, you don’t have to have all the answers or even all the questions, you just have to know who to ask. Finding effective solutions is about more than just connecting the dots, it’s about connecting the right people.

Through my healthcare consulting and Orthopaedic education services, I connect the right people, and the right resources and facilitate collaboration to help all the moving parts of the medical system work together to deliver optimal healthcare to patients.


Economic Healthcare Strategies

Redirecting the medical ecosystem towards a more patient-centred approach using digital technology to make the process simpler, better and faster.

Orthopaedic Teaching & Training

Educating and mentoring Orthopaedic surgeons in training and junior consultants in state and private sectors.

Alternative Reimbursement Models

Consulting for the Healthcare Industry to connect people and resources for improved patient outcomes.
I’ve had the pleasure of regularly interacting and working with Phillip for over 3 years. As a representative of the SA Orthopaedic Society (as its President) at the regular engagements between the society and medical schemes, Phillip has always demonstrated deep passion for his profession.

He has great insights into broader healthcare issues beyond just the orthopaedic profession.

I’ve come to know him as a good listener, great communicator and highly skilled negotiator. He handled potentially explosive and difficult conversations skilfully and with emotional intelligence.
I have known Dr Phillip Webster for over 25 years on both a personal and professional level. I’m happy to recommend Philip as a highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon and health care professional.